Putting the cases back together

My manual does not tell me anything about these two pieces, and yamaha had to split my cases, so I did not see how it was assembled. From the diagrams I see, it looks as if it sits on top of the shift drum. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1457564019.477352.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1457564034.898654.jpg

Anyone? The blueprints on rockymtn say the two pieces are "point, neutral" and "spring, compression"

They are out of the neutral switch

they can be fitted after the cases are re-assembled


they fit in the other end of the shift drum

Do yourself a favor and replace the screws that hold the neutral switch in, you'll see why once (if) you get them out.

Do yourself a favor and replace the screws that hold the neutral switch in, you'll see why once (if) you get them out.


1) Buy or borrow a hand held hammer driver

2) get a JIS cross point bit to fit (NOT a Phillips) (If you can't find JIS bits, grind the point of a #2 Phillips so that the "V" of the point is closer to 45 degrees.

3) replace the screws

Yeah, I'm retarded, I got it back in, you guys are saying I should replace the bolts? I couldn't find anything wrong with them, although they did have a bit of blue loctite on them when I took them out. What did I miss? Also, just put a new o-ring in for my water pump, but the bastard still leaks... Only leaks when first starting it when it is cold which makes no sense to me. I did manage to get the screws/bolts out with a ratchet and a phillips head insert.

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Also, can anyone explain to me why they used copper for 5th gear? Isn't that going to wear down rather quickly?

Waterpump leaks due to failing waterside oilseal. The o-ring isnt the problem. Leaking at startup but then stopping when warm is normal first signs of the oil seal needs replacing

It is said to replace the screws because many people damage them getting undone because they use philips screw drivers when they should be using jis point screwdrivers. This chews the heads up making them believe they are soft/cheap screws. The right tool for the job doesnt damage them. If yours are undamaged then you can reuse them.

5th gear isnt made of copper.

As you say it would wear out.

It will be made of case hardened steel

Post up a pic of what you are seeing

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I wish I had taken a picture, but the whole gear is steel except for the dogs and the center portion of the gear... Unless they somehow sent me a wrong part... but it still fits in my bike and it shifts smooth as butter and 5th gear actually works now.

Prob some sort of coating/plating it

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