every if any difference....

can someone tell me all of the differences in a canadian '01 426 compared to an american 426? i heard the silencer endcap, is it quieter? i have a friend that will lend me his american yz silencer off his 00 so i will use that. i heard tires were diff as well, what kind of tires are they? like int/soft/hard? are there any downfalls with these tires that you guys dont like? are there some differences im missing? thanks! :)


The Canadians YZF end caps are taper (a la FMF powercore) to complies with FIM regulation, and no it's not quieter.

(curiously, if this is true, the only CRF I've seen didn't have this kind of end cap)

the tire are Dunlop 755, and maybe slight jetting diff. but I'm not sure of that last issue. Spring rate were the same on my 00

My 2 cents



I have the 01-426 Can modle and the end cap is not the only difference between the US & Can. silencerse. It is also 2 inches longer. I also have a spare silencer form a US modle and have compaired the two for noise and performance. From the seat of the pants there is no difference.

They come stock with the Dunlop Sports D755 tires.

As far as I know that is the only difference in the two bikes.

Hope this helps. :)

You guys are forgeting 1 single difference. The candadian model is GREEN STICKERABLE in ca.

friggin nazi sons of #$%^@#$% (EPA, not Canadains)

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