AC/DC headlight on 2012 WR with Tusk Enduro Kit

Hello all! I've searched the forums and am hoping someone could provide more insight. I have a Tusk enduro kit on my 2012 and am trying to wire the headlight to the control switch. This should mean that the headlight would run off of DC power as opposed to the stock harness offering AC power to power the oem light.

After wiring it all up, I can't get the light to work off of the switch (DC). I thought that lightbulbs will run on both AC and DC? How come the headlight will only work on AC right now? I read a fix was to float the ground but I'm baffled as to why the headlight won't just run off the battery.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

whats the voltage of the bulb?

It's the stock H4 bulb, I'm assuming 12v?

I would think so.. but why run it on DC?

In for answer

Lighting system is DC.

I read that everything except the headlight is dc power. Aka ignition and fuel pump. 

my mistake,....

I read that everything except the headlight is dc power. Aka ignition and fuel pump. 

If that was true the BD LED headlight would not be a direct plug and play,   The lighting circuit is full DC on the '12 and up Wr450's, lights and all.


When I wired mine up ( sicass style switch )   I used the wire going into the headlight that was only live with the bike running and cut it,  connected it to the " headlight main " and the " turn signal main " ( power going into my headlight switch ) and all was well.  Headlight only turns  on when the bike is running and the blinkers too.    It was already fused in the bikes harness as the headlight fuse and the draw from my LED blinkers is a minimal added draw on that circuit.



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