Valve issue.

How do you get a seat out? Can't find anything about it and I'm hoping I don't have to buy one.

A shop usually has to machine them out.

Ok so I need to take the whole assymbly with me to the dealer?

Ok so I need to take the whole assymbly with me to the dealer?


The seats are press fit into the head, and usually don't have to be removed at all.  The process is that a pilot shaft is inserted into the valve guide and a cutting or grinding tool is run on that to restore the sealing surface of the seat to a perfectly centered and squared up 45 degree cone shape.


You need to take the whole head to the machine shop.

Ok thanks Gray and Blue. I talked to the wife about it and she has given me the go ahead to get what I need so, I should have it fixed by next week some time. Couldn't have done it with out all the help.

Keep us updated on your progress.

Keep us updated on your progress.

Will do I'll check back soon with what I've done. I'm having trouble finding a place to refinish the valve seat.

Ok quick update. New valve and valve seat has been refinished, all clearances are in spec. Unfortunately I broke the union bolt in for the oil supply line that runs to the cylinder head. I was able to remove the bolt, so no worries there, but I can not start it till thursday when the new bolts and copper washers arrive. I will let you know how it goes when they get in.

Final update. I got the union bolt in today and installed. Filled the bike up on oil and coolant, put everything back on it and tried to kick it. The kick start was extremely stiff but finally gave and it started on the third kick with no throttle. It was late so I didn't get to ride or adjust the idle (a little on the low side) but it idled pretty decent. Shut it down and kicked it again and it fired up first kick. Thanks for all the help, and just in time to gonna ride saturday!

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