Magnetic oil drain plug

Hey guys this man sound stupid! However I purchased a RHK magnetic oil plug for my 2014 WR450 I've just gone to device the bike and it dose not fit. After calling the supplier they insured me that the part number was correct and that the bolt should fit, what the hell is going on is there a 3rd plug somewhere that I do not know about. I haven't had the bike for very long at all so not to familure with wr's anyone that knows that would be fantastic cheers Aaron.

Yeah I know of the one below the oil fill cap and the one underneath.. Didn't fit either

Their the only 2 I've ever undone to do an oil change

Both drain plugs are the same size. Have you physically matched them up side by side with the new magnetic and stock to verify its different?

Yeah defiantly did and double and tripple checked with a pair of verniers, I ended up sending it back thanks for your help guys

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