Dirty Fuel Filter

Makes a guy second guess FI.

Makes a guy second guess FI.

Why is that? Because the fuel filter might get a little dirty from foreign material in the fuel? I don't see how that applies only to fuel injection. Yes the filter is a little harder to access but at over 225 hours and only one cleaning I would venture to say I've spent less time messing with mine. Truth be told I mostly did it out of curiosity after seeing this thread and others, it really didn't need much of any cleaning. The Yamaha FI system is worry free in my book.

This is all WAY less work than setting up a carb properly.

You guys had me so worried i ordered a twin air fuel sock

Okay dried out filter is nice and white after a few passes of contact cleaner/air and a dunk in the ultrasonic (don't soak the electronics, just the filter).


Starting is much easier now.  Took about 10 or so kicks at first to prime the line, but 1-2 kicks after that.  Glad I went through it.  


The only thing is that I can't attribute the better starting to the fuel injector or the fuel filter.  Did both at the same time.



Still easier than a carb.  Only time in 60h I've touched the fuel system at all.  The only frustrating part is that the fuel filter isn't really made to be removed.   The injector was really easy.  That should be a regular maintenance item.  Probably anytime I check the valves since it's only a couple more bolts to get it out.

I have also performed a filter change and cleaned my throttle body. It runs soo much better now, and has not stalled on me yet like it used to do all of the time. My Rekluse feels like magic as well! I purchased a new filter off of E-Bay. It included a filter, gas line and the pump for about $30. Removing the old one took some patience though, but it can be done as others have stated. A local shop cleaned the throttle body.

Are those after market pumps trustworthy?  Anyone got a long time on one yet?

Are those after market pumps trustworthy?  Anyone got a long time on one yet?


I'm wondering the same thing. I bought one off of Amazon just for the filter but was afraid to replace the OEM pump with an unknown aftermarket pump that was probably made in China.


Anybody have any experience with this?

There's a Japanese one on the market now.  At least one TT'er is using it.  No time to locate the post right now, but it showed up in this forum not long ago.

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