My 2014 YZ450f manual says that my spokes should be torqued to 1.8 foot pounds,which translates to 21.6 inch pounds. This is the Yamaha Factory recommendation.I've had the bike for a year(I bought it brand new in 2015).The spokes,from the factory,are still torqued at around 75-80 inch pounds. Four times what the manual says!  I had a set of TUSK wheels for my 07 YZ450f,and the torque setting on those were 50-55 inch pounds.I had to torque them every couple of rides until they settled in a bit. I have a TUSK spoke torque wrench,and I know it is working properly. The Factory Yamaha torque recommendation seems ridiculously low(21.6 in.lbs.),and yet the factory torques them to 80 in. lbs. Any insight or recommendations on this? I've always wanted to get to the bottom of this,and now is Thumpertalk's chance to enlighten me!


I have always tightened loose spokes on OEM wheels to the snug tight position. Other than spokes I always use a torque wrench. I'm building a set of wheels for my son's 250F right now and I'm sending them out for the final truing to a local expert. I suggest that if the manual's suggested torque isn't doing the trick then snug the loose ones at the same torque as the wheel came from the factory.

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