Help! Need distributor firing order for a '88 Chev 6.0 liter big block

I need the firing order ASAP for a 1988 Chevy BIG BLOCK 366 CID/6.0 liter. This engine is in a 24' U-Haul Box Truck!

Any of you guys have a Chiltons manual handy?

it's 1=8=4=3=6=5=7=2. May be igntion module in the HEI distributor if no spark is a problem. Drivers side plugs are 1=3=5=7 starting from the front and pass. side are 2=4=6=8. Good Luck--WR Dave

I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night but I would not have been able to come up with that one. :) Good job WR Dave. TT members are so helpful! :D

now thats a small 'big block'!

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