Front wheel spacer sizes?

I have an 01 426F front end that I'm trying to mount a 02 426F front wheel to and the spacers are giving me issues. Does anyone know what the sizes of the spacers should be? The 02 wheel came is 24mm and 34mm spacers that are too long for the 01 front end (spreads forks too wide and causes the rotor to rub on the caliper). I read on another web site that the correct lengths should be 20mm and 24mm. I never had the 01 front wheel so i'm in the dark as to what originally mounted up to the front end. Plus all of the websites that sell the spacers don't tell me the lengths, any help would be appreciated!

Front Wheels:

The front hub is the same from 1997 to 2001. Uses 20mm bearings. It can be identified by the four cast reinforcement ribs running across the hub.

2002 and up use the same hub. This hub also uses 20mm bearings. It is smooth across the center, with no ribs, and has a larger diameter at that point.

Early Front hubs can be used on 2002 and up by using the 2001 spacers . 2002 hub can be used on earlier bikes by using 2002 and up spacers.

This information applies to all YZ models from 125-450F.

Bearing info for '97-up front wheels:

Front - 6904-2RS - 20mm ID x 37mm OD x 9mm



Sorry, don't have any actual dimensions, but that may help clear up some things.

Sorry, don't have any actual dimensions, but that may help clear up some things.


Much appreciated. I was going to make the spacers instead of buying them so i'm looking for the dimensions. Now I know that I need the 01 spacer lengths though!

Read again.  You need to use '02 spacers with your '02 wheel.

Pays to pay attention right? Thanks for the catch

For anyone who was interested. The 20mm and 24mm were the spacers that worked for me!

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