AMA weight ruling


I wrote the AMA to get the update on the 4-stroke weight ruling. Thought you guys may like to see their reply.


The Motocross/Supercross weight rule did not change. The weight rules for the 125 class is 194 lbs and the 250 weight is 216 lbs. The proposed rule in Motocross was not implemented. The reason for the proposal was to keep works bikes out of Motocross/Supercross. The current weight rule for both 125 and 250 is lower than the current 4-strokes can be made to weigh without spending a lot of money for ultralight weight parts. Also some of the ways to cut weight off from the current levels that we measure means that parts may need to be replaced much more often, also raising the cost.

Some people have stated that this rule was meant to keep out 4-strokes from our program. This in fact is not true. We have offered the factories a 4-stroke prototype homologation rule. This allowed them to build and race a 4-stroke which followed all the rules except for the standard production homologation rules. Several manufacturers have taken advantage of this rule, such as Yamaha and Honda. Because we did not change the rule there is nothing to write a press release about.


Rob King

Technical Manager

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Its a conspiracy, I think the same people running the AMA ae connected to ENRON. Case in point

AMA GNC DIrt Track series, Boy have the run that in the dirt (Doh!) and also Why do we not have a World GP Here in AMERICA, Ask Kenny Roberts That one, This s why Lagunba is not on the bill any more. AMA is at best Not So good anymore.

They Screwed with and lost the Trans-AMA years ago bring people like Decoster, Mikola and the Bad Brad Lackeys together for some great programs.

I think they Shot JFK too

I forget who said this about 30 years ago, but the guy was forward thinking. He said....(paraphrasing)..."The AMA is like cow know it's good for the roses but you don't wan't to touch it and get your hands dirty". Sums it up for me.

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