Need help locating a tool

Good day,

I am wondering if anyone would know of a good spot to order a Yamaha tool for setting the torque of the steering stem bearings. I am getting ready to install a WER steering damper and I have to disassemble the front end of the bike.

The Yamaha part number is 90890-01403 and my local dealer wants $50 US dollars to order it.


Ride fast - Take chances


Just changed mine out, and if I remember corectly the torque on the ring nut is 7ft lbs, not much at all.I could not bring myself to spend $ for that.I just snugged it up using a hammer and punch, tightened the top nut and checked for play- tightness etc. took a couple of attempts but worked out fine .Just remember better a little tight than a

little loose :D

might want to try harbor freight if you want to go with the tool :).

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