Lights and power

Hey guys I have an 09 WR450 with a Baja street legal kit(minus the headlight). It has the stator to support all the lights and I want to put more lights on it, I do a lot of riding at night. I would like to put 4 cube lights on it, 2 floods on the side and 2 spots in the front. The lights I'm looking at are Rigid Industries 20211 and 20221, according to the websites FAQ they'll need 4.4 amps to run them all. Can I do it?


What size stator do you have and what's the wattage of the lights. I had a 100 watt stator on mine and was running just a 80 light and it barely even charged the battery. Might wanna go with a Baja designs Led like the squadron or xl and run a helmet light. I do slot of night riding in the desert and that set up works great. Might be able to get away with a double squadron. Not sure on that but you will want the biggest stator you can get. I think max is 100w. I had an 08 wr.

I do not know what size stator I have, it's the stock one. I did have to modify the stator when I got the kit so it could run all the lights. Each cube would run 20 watts so 80 total. I will look in to stator upgrades.

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