which protapers to match stock bend?

I've acquired some pro-taper mounts (super big thanks to Tuck for the donation!) and I would like to get a set which matches the stock bend. Does anyone know the dimensions of the stock bar? The stock bend is OK for me and I'm afraid of trying something different and haveing a $75 oops. ;P Thanks!

I'm pretty sure there is a "YZ" or "Yamaha" bend. This would be the stock bend ... Check Pro-Taper, FMF BFB, and Tag. I'm pretty sure one of them carries that bend...


Per renthal.com the '98-'01 Yamaha bend is Renthal #966 (92 high 57 sweep) Same as Pro Taper Doug Henry bend per mxsouth.com.

I have been shopping for big bars myself. Found the Renthal FatBar at BTO Sports for $60 + $10s/h.

Where do you get ProTapers for $75?

what he said. I have the ProTaper Doug Henry bend and they are a match.

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