Bike trailer with A/C question

I eventually want to get a bike trailer and with summer coming I'm thinking more about it. I'd like to get something about 14' long with a side door and A/C. My question is, how powerful are the A/C units that go in trailers? Also how expensive are they? I'm concerned that on a 90+ degree day that it may not make a significant difference with the back door open (maybe I could add one of those shredded plastic curtains?). Any suggestions welcome.


a friend of mine did the same thing, bought a 12 ft enclosed and then went to a RV shop and bought a 13,500 btu ac unit, he give 450.00 for the ac, it works nice

Good idea w/plastic walk-in cooler curtain! A slightly cheaper way would be a small window-type unit, not as nice though. Don't forget the biggest expense is a generator. You must get one with @twice the power the a/c unit requires to RUN in order to START it.

Thanks yall. I've already got a 4kw generator (5kw surge). I thought about the wall unit route, but I don't trust that they can take the bouncing around that they will get in the trailer. Do you guys have any recommendations for trailer brands/models? I'm going to try to get a 14' trailer with a side door if possible.

Dang When it is that hot I sit in the beer cooler drinking suds :)

I bought a 16 ft Haulmark, rear ramp door with a side door. I liked it over the wells Cargo because of the better hinges, but liked the step at the side door on the wells cargo.

After checking into the cost of the roof AC and the generator, and the Lack of resale value after doing this mod, I have decided to just sell it and get a ToyBox for around 15K.

Good luck to ya. I just didn't want to be sitting in that little space with AC fighting what little room was there. Now that my son is into racing and he has passed up the "Old Man" out on the track, we (ME) could use the fridge/shower/AC!!


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