I've turned to the Dark Side

I believe stealth is better at least this way my neibours can enjoy their weekends while I enjoy mine riding.

I have come from the dark side and believe me it was dark and I was alone and I am not going back.I lost a little bit of power from my blue beast but it still hooks up like a freight train and I also gained alot of friends and neigbours back in the area.

Ron, I think you and I need to re-think the ole "thank you sir may I have an other" routine, I hear that Gloria Allred is on to us..... insted a good old beating with a stocker pipe would sufice, The DSP you run puts you in the Vice Pesident spot.

Ps. Tonights meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, they need to clean the pole at the Candy Cat tonight :).

I like the smash the stock pipe with a sledge hammer idea.


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Brian, you are exactly right "we have to police ourselves". The more I have discussed this noise issue the more I have come to realize that everyone who has a differing point of view is referencing where "THEY" ride. I think the reason some of us who discuss this get very confused as to why one person has this point of view and another has that is because we are all coming from different points of reference. In some places stealth is a necessity but in others it makes absolutely no sense at all. I also think that everyone here is smart enough to know when its ok to ride uncorked and when you need to quiet it down. Of couse there will always be some yahoo who doesn't get it. Then I think its perfectly ok to remind them. I would certainly want someone to tell me that I'm riding in a sonically sensitive area. You bet i'd remove some disk without thinking twice about it. Just don't try to tell me that out in the middle of the desert where there is no one around for 30+ miles in any direction that it is an issue. To me it is a basic human need to be able to find a place where you can exercise some autonomy and freedom. Everyday, all day long most of us have to answer to someone. On the way to work you must obey the traffic laws. When you get to work you must obey company policy and the wishes of your boss. On the way home you still must obey the traffic laws et cetera. Is there nowhere left where a man or woman can not be free to answer to no one except God? It is just as important for some people to be able to make a little noise as it is for other to have absolute tranquility. One is not more important than the other. Both are critically important for balance and order in the universe. Have you ever heard of anyone asking shooters to place silenciers on their weapons? Of couse not! They would rather ban them altogether than quiet them down. Personally, if there is someone around me shooting I want to know about it. If I can hear them I can choose to go a different direction. Peace brother. Paul

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Was screamin' around the other day and invited my bother out to ride (even though he totaled my VF750 years ago.) His comment was, "those two strokes are really loud!" Something about a big-4 that's a lot less annoying. "What's music to one ear is noise to another."

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There is a time and a place where loud is fine, but there are also places where quiet is the best option for the sport. people just need to use their heads.

Here we go again with the loud bike/quiet bike debate.For anyone interested,check out the old topic "how loud is too loud".This dead horse has been flogged already.IMHO the whole debate is not so much about making noise but about being "politically correct". For the record I HATE political correctness and I still love the way my WR works(and sounds)with the E-Series.I guess I won't be going to any of the Kawi trail rides this year.If a stock KTM 400 "barely" passed the sound test,I'd reckon about 60% of the bikes I've seen on previous Kawi rides wouldn't pass either and I know my WR won't.Oh well,now I know what it's like to be unjustly persecuted.

Hey Pete, your in man. Poker tonight at Dan's house. Don't forget the secret handshake.

Ron, :)

Guys, Have a great week . Im going to Puerto Rico tonight for a music video shoot, so now you can rehash the "loud topic" and I won't be around to open my big yapper!!!



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