Anyone damaged or seized their front caliper and still have the parts?

I broke the piece that bolts to the fork. The piece that allows the caliper to float.

Unfortunately this piece is not available separately - has anyone replaced their front caliper and still have the parts - and maybe willing to part with this piece?


Sean, I have th ecomplete front caliper assy off an '00 YZ 426 or call

Craig @ 618-723-2577

If it is just the piston that the caliper slides on you can get on off a Honda CR 250. Both Yamahas and Hondas use Nissin brakes, it's just that Yamaha only sells the whole caliper kit whereas Honda sells the individule parts. I made on from a bolt first and ground the threads until a parts guy told me he found the piece from Honda. Any questions send me an email at (I accidently came to the 426 forum instead of the 250 forum. Aren't you glad I screwed up) Later.

couch -

How much are you looking to get for that caliper?

jmcgeemd -

That is excellent info! Down from $150 to $50 now. I am still wondering if anyone will sell me a used part as I am currently unemployed and have very little cash on hand.

Z4me, the caliper lists for $181, so whats a reasonable amount for a good used one? $75.00 ?

let me know.

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