08 WR450F Carb cleaning

Well... I rebuilt/cleaned the carb on my 08.  It's not the first time I've done it, or the second time... but I'd like to kick the engineer that designed that bike!!!  Talk about fitting 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lbs bag... sheesh.


That being said, the bike started after about 2 revolutions of the starter and varoooommmmm!!!


I'm getting a lot of popping on decel.  I've read that it's a lean condition, but I've adjusted the air/fuel (with the installed flex-jet) and it runs great!!  Just the popping.


Any advice?  :excuseme:







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That is from a lean condition.  My guess is the Pilot Jet.  If it hasn't happened in the past, then you need to go back in there and clean the jet and the circut.  If this was an ongoing issue, then put a larger jet in there.   

That is from a lean condition. 



Not always.  It can also be from an air leak into the exhaust, usually at either end of the header, or on a WR, a faulty air cut valve. 

Found it. The vacuum line from the intake to the AIS valve under the tank slipped off during tank installation.

Runs like a champeen now!!!, Runs nice and cool and starts hot or cold.


Thanks for all the replies!

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