Does anyone know what year YZ450 fenders will replace my 06 wr fender and number plate

Front fender. You can pretty much use any year you like on the front. Just need to drill new holes. I have a 2015 front fender in my 05. Two holes matched and two I had to drill slightly.

Read fender. 2005 yz450f will work. Don't do 06 because it's completely different. where the coolant tank attaches you will need to cut the holes out. They are already indented in the plastic you just need to follow the shape already there.

Front number plate. You may need to do some more research. From what I understand the bike may give you problems if you just remove the headlight. You may need to wire in a resistor or your reg/rec & or stator will run hot and burn up. In the end I decided the headlight assembly doesn't weigh that much/ there are lighter ones on the market and having a headlight really does keep you safer on the trail. I know mine has saved me from a few head on collisions. Really increases your visibility to others even with a dull light.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458194517.524187.jpg

Here's the bike. Also running wr400f plastic frame guards.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458194644.527220.jpg

I think the 2015 fender looks a lot better

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