Fork Oil/Air Filter Oil questions

Before I stored my bike for the winter I shot the rear shock piston with some WD-40 and since then I've noticed some oil leaking. Would WD-40 damage the oil seal? If so, how involved is a shock oil seal replacement?

I also have one of the fork oil seals that's weeping fluid. I tried the quick and dirty seal "clean" method with a piece of old film and some electrical tape, but neither seemed to make the leak stop. I assume I'll have to change the seal. Anyone have a BKM for seal replacements like we have for valve clearances?

Lastly, I just tried a NoToil filter and oil setup this past weekend. I saturated the filter then squeezed out as much as I could (at the time I thought I might have squeezed out too much). The next morning I found a 6-8" puddle of filter oil on the garage floor. It had leaked out through the drain in the airbox. Any ideas on how to prevent this other than trying to squeeze out more oil? The filter was brand new so there wasn't any water or leftover solvent in it.

Maybe you are using to much oil.

I don't think WD 40 would make a rear shock seal leak, I have used it for years with no negative results. Maybe leaving it on for an extended period of time (over the winter) may cause a problem. I work on C130 airplanes and we notice that when we take one of our planes to a cold climate the prop seals tend to leak due to the fact that seals shrink in colder weather, once they are warm they usually stop. I would suggest riding it once and see what happens, atleast for the shock. The fork seal may respond well to a ride also, but I wouldn't bet on it. If you have to replace the fork seal, you'll need a fork seal driver (PVC pipe has never worked very well for me), a new seal and dust cover, a 14 mm allen head

and an air impact gun. Or you can have someone do it for you for $75.

I use No Toil and love it. I put mine in a squirt bottle and spray it on. Put it in a garbage bag and squeeze it out. Don't coat it in oil. Obviously you had too much oil on the filter, so experiment a bit with less oil. It doesn't take a lot to get the job done. Remember not to start your bike for atleast a few hours after installing a freshly oil filter or some of the excess oil will get in your carb jets and make it run like an old BSA.


Thanks for the advice. I figured I had too much, I just didn't know of a better way to apply it. I'll give the squirt bottle a try, sounds like it would work pretty well.

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