09 YZ450F shock on 07 WR450F

Will a 2009 YZ450F shock fit and work on a 2007 WR450F?



Apparently not. The bottom of the shock won't fit in the linkage. I measured and it's wider than the WR450F.  The part numbers for the collars are different.

What doesn't fit.

The width of the collars is too much for the width of the linkage. It could be because I'm using WR collars. The YZ shock uses the same bearing/bushing, the same seals, but different collars.

I got the new YZ collars and they are even wider than the WR collars. I figured either the wrong bearing was in the YZ shock, or the layer of rust on it spaced out the collars too wide for the linkage. So I tried to remove the bearing and ended up with it partially trashed and partially stuck in the shock. FML. I don't know if I can dremel it out or what.

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