1000 posts...what is my prize?

Am I the first one to reach this milestone?

I love TT. The signal to noise ratio is very high. By that I mean there are a lot more intelligent posters than moronic poseurs. I like the wide variety of technical threads, and I contribute my knowledge and experience whenever I can add something useful. I also like to help out the newbies when they have simple but honest questions. It's my way of giving back to the sport that has been a huge part of my life for thirty years.

I think NH Kevin is @ 1200 posts or so (but like 300 of those were from the Kouba orders LOL) I should be at the 1000 mark soon and hopefully there is a prize for getting to 1000 (03' YZ450 maybe :) ) Later,


Scott F, thanks for the info you give & the people you know - Mr. Rapp with the DRD ---- I look forward to the next 1000 posts you issue & I love the pipe!

Scott your sentiment for intelligence here is so on target, especially when you look at site like the Saddleback site. I flipflop between this and that one on and off all day. Its amazing. The "hacks" on the Saddleback site are mostly stoned, drunken, trash talkin idiots. Although they have they're place, it gets old in a hurry. Thanks to whom ever it was that created this board and Kudos for its maintenence. I personally am a pretty good mechanic, but this board, has taught me tons.

well done scott welcome to the small band of addicts. get counselling now!

those four days off? cold turkey for you was it?

add 780 to my posts and that's where i'm at. nearly 1,500 i think.


Originally posted by Scott F:

Am I the first one to reach this milestone?

I love TT. The signal to noise ratio is very high.

The signal to noise ratio is high precisely because of guys like you Scott.

You in particular seem to always add something useful. It is good to have access to somebody with as much motocross experience as you seem to have, even for a guy like me who’s never even been on a track.

Let us know when you hit 2,000, I’ll really be impressed then. :)

ditto all of the above! With the exception of me, I have to add that many of the replies here are in the same class! I haven't been around here quite as long as the "founding members" but I've been here long enough to recognize who I've received the most useful info from. Thanks guys! :)

It would be cool to somehow honor those that really put a lot of support into this board.

Scott - I'm not sure how many users were actually around when you first came on, or how many of them are still posting, but you seem to be in the founding father category.

Think of how much impact your advice has really had. It's impressive!!!

Thanks and I really hope you stick around for another 1000!!


Thanks for the compliments guys. :D

Taffy, you got that right! I missed reading TT more than posting those four days. I wonder how many posts I had before the last crash. Like you, I'm sure it was many hundreds.

For the answer to what is my prize, check out my new sig and the new addition to the moto continuum. I now have the first two bikes, the rest are lost in the sands of time. :)

[ March 19, 2002: Message edited by: Scott F ]

Hey Scott,

Congrats on your milestone, and your prize! Thanks for all the help and advice (past & present. And thanks for turning me on to TT.

I've sold almost all of that YZ engine to fellow TT'ers.

I'm back at work now, no more weekdays at the Comp for me. Talk to you soon... oh yeah, I almost forgot, can I have(oops)... I mean ride your new bike ?

Scott has always been very helpful and knowledgeable, thanks for sharing the time.

I don't have quite that many posts, but I have been around quite a while. :)

Hey guys, this site is great with not alot of BS.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other sites that are anywhere near this good but devoted towards 2stoke stuff as I own both kinds and like em all.


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