White Brothers E-Series rings??

Hi i have a new wrf400 99 model, it came with the stock exhaust, but the guy also gave me the white brothers exhaust too. :) , my question is, what is the deal with the removable rings?

if you remove some, do you gain more power and noise?

how many should i have in?

More rings, more power, more noise.

Removing rings adds restiction to the exhaust (there is a slight spacing between each ring).

Go to the White Brothers website, there is a lot of info on the pipe and jetting, what the rings due, why they use this system, etc.

Keep in mind that that pipe is awsome, but it's also so damn loud (especially on the WR/YZs). I am not going to preach anything here, so I'll just say to look into the sound restrictions in your area, talk to other riders about local tolerance, etc.

Have fun :)

Check the WB site for info. There is tech stuff out there about the number of disc, hp,noise, jetting etc.

The WB pipe is quiet compared to a T4!

I have one on my wr. They say four discs is supposed to be at sound regulations.96dbs I dont know for sure but thats what I have heard and read.I have 6 discs in mine its a little loud but I have not had any problems so far.(knock on wood)But mine runs excellent I would put it on and try it.I love my w/b exhaust. :D:)

4 disks and my bike runs like sh_t. I have 10 disks in mine with the turn down end cap, I made a screen type SA and removed the solid last plate. Bike breathes way better and runs like a raped ape. Pretty loud though, I ride the back woods so dont see Mr. Ranger very often.

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