WR 426 "proplems"

hey there yamaha fans,my friend is thimking about buying a WR 426 year 2001,my question is this....are there any problems that he should know off or check for ? :)

I think the only PROBLEM he is going to have is explaining to his wife/girlfriend why he wants to ride it so much.


Keeping the front wheel down can be a problem too.... :)

Seriously the WR426 is a good reliable bike PROVIDED it has been maintained properly with regular oil changes and air filter cleaning. Your buddy should check for obvious things like oil leaks, general condition of the bike, excessive engine noise, diffulty in starting (well more than usual :D) and finally taking her for a ride and see how she runs. Consumables like tyres, brake pads, chains and sprockets should be inspected and then used to get the guy to drop the price if some or all of these are worn as they will need to be replaced.

Other than that, pass on this website to your buddy. There is a wealth of info here! :D

My brother has an 01 YZ426 and it seems pretty bullet proof. It is still running as good as the day he got it and starts easily. Juts cuz he got a good one does not mean your friend will but some other guys I know vouch for them all the time. They are not purely WR engines but about 95% is the same as the WR so this is probably a valid comparo.

During the test ride, pay particular attention to the gearbox. Accelerate gently and then roll off the throttle in each gear. Worn/broken dogs are common and cause the bike to jump out of gear. I didn't check mine well enough before I bought it :). Don't make the same mistake. Also check the swingarm under the chain slider. Wear here is common, but the fix is pretty easy.


ok thanks guys,i´ll let him know that he´s prop buying a good [@#$%&*!] :)

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