GYTR Power tuner malfuntion

Good Afternoon,

Bought a '14 yz450f and a power tuner about a month ago. The tuner worked fine first couple of rides and now won't turn on with its supplied battery power. However, will turn on if you plug it into the bike and then start the bike. Immediately after turning the bike off it will shut down the tuner leaving me unable to send any maps to the ECU. Any thoughts or similiar experiences? Thanks

Have you put new batteries in? Should never plug it in unless you have fully charged batteries and unit is off and never unplug it until it is off

Yea it has brand new batteries...not sure if I have unplugged it before I took it off.

I have had the same issue and new batteries have fixed it everytime.  Seems the batteries need to be ultrafresh to power the unit.  Just my observations.

Don't turn the bike on when it's plugged in!

Don't turn the bike on when it's plugged in!

How else can you use the monitor function?

How else can you use the monitor function?

Not sure because I've never used it, but I'm almost 100% sure the manual or the power tuner instructions say not to start the bike.

Not that I have done it, but you can monitor the bike while running. It will show you rpm etc.

The monitor funtion displays rpms, throttle input, and coolant tempature. The bike would have to be running to check those numbers.

I guess then it means don't start the bike when you're loading a tune onto it.

It means exactly what is says. DO NOT START THE BIKE WITH THE POWER TUNER ON!! It will make its go on the fritz. The proper procedure is to plug it in, leave it off and start the bike. The tuner will come on automatically. This is just to check rpm and temp. To check run time and to load maps you do not start the bike and you do turn on the tuner after connecting it.

Welp, so far Ive abided by the manual in that respect. But luckily the shop I bought the tuner from is sending me a new one. Thats one way to fix it!

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