air-box mods on the 2016 WR450F

So I'm a proud owner of the new 16, reading up on all these "uncorking" mods that sound great.  But here is my question; anyone know if the 16 has the same "tea-kettle" to remove in the air-box just as the pre-2016 models have?  I couldn't find a write up on this, opened the cover to my air-box and I see some lower screws that don't appear to be accessible without removing a lot of stuff, like the gas tank, for example, (don't want to get into that if I can avoid it).  Any advice on this?

Pre 2016 models are a completely different bike.

Take off the seat, turn the tank sideways and remove the air box screws to remove the tea kettle.

Thanks Steve, got that silly piece of plastic out of there. I didn't realize I could move the tank without disconnecting the fuel line etc.. so it wasn't too bad. Now it's ready for the competition ECU and tune. :)

BE CAREFUL twisting the tank to the side. I broke the lead off the sending unit. Now I have to drain the tank, pull the sending unit and solder the lead back. Major PITA. Would have been easier to unhook the tank completely the first time.


Or I could have been more careful...   ;)

Too late 2speed haha. With my luck when it comes to mechanics, I'm surprised it didn't break. But I felt some resistance from the lines below so I just kinda angled it at the 2'O'clock position and it worked out ok

I just lifted the front of the gas tank up and propped it up with a piece of wood making sure the wires and fuel lines stayed intact. I then had lots of room to pull the screen and tea kettle...




I was able to pull the tea kettle off without even drilling out the plastic rivets. Easy peasy.



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Sweet man, looks great! Isn't it almost therapeutic knowing that tea kettle is off your new bike!? I just used my pocket knife on the rivets heads and it cut and popped each off with little effort. Glad to see you're kettle free. Did you notice a difference? It feels like I did, in my head at least.

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