2012 Wr450f which soft / comfortable seat to buy?

It's too late I already ordered mine, but how do you get the blue stitching? Have to call and make a custom order? If you have a picture you should post it. I think that would look really, really nice!

I did post pics. You have to call them directly. I think it's a extra 20 bucks

Three different bikes

What height are those seats in your pics? I ordered the tall, +1" because I really want a comfortable seat for cruising to work and back. But I'm only 5'9" so hoping the extra inch won't make the already tall bike harder to ride in steep slow moving trails.. I have a terrible time making decisions!!!! Thanks for the input though guys! Appreciate it a lot. I did call seat concepts as well and they said the could do blue stitching for an additional 20$, i almost did but opted out as I have many things on my list of things to buy

OE size

When their price is $100 more than Seat Concepts, a known brand, I'll go with Seat Concepts.  




Why have you bought 3 of them??    I'm looking due to the Home Depot lumber that must be currently under my seat skin.

It is worth the $100 to go with the Fisher for the high quality alone IMHO really well done. Plus, those guys do a great job with special customizations like widenings, lowerings, and etc. 

I have a low seat concepts and its still more comfortable then the oem

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