HELP do all 2013-2014 Wr450 make engine noise?

Hey guys I have been looking at purchasing a 2012+ wr450. I have test rode a

2013 and 2014. Both bikes have some hours and miles on them but the owners aren't sure how many. The issue is when I test rode these bikes on the street, just about in any gear when the motor is lugged down a bit and I am accelerating they make a little bit of noise, hard to describe but like a rattle. I have rode a KX450 and it doesn't make this noise. I really like the 2014 but didn't buy it because o want to find out if these noises are normal.

Thanks in advance

Likely just plain old chain slap.

Yes, most likely just the chain slapping against the rub strip, which in turn slaps against the hollow swing arm. 

It's loud and it sounds like gears chattering, but it's normal (but does need to be addressed with silicone under the rubstrip)

Lugging thumpers like that is hard on them. Rev 'em up a bit and keep it in the 'happy place' in the rpm's.

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