Bike selection?

I am currently in the process of deciding on what bike to get and have narrowed my choice to either Ktm 450 exc or wr450... My question comes bc the bike will be used to commute to and from work and used probably once a month for Enduro rides am I looking at the right bike? And what kind of maintenance is involved for these bikes cost ect? I'm based in Australia and commute to work is 10 mins to and from and top speed 80km/h thanks in advance any input will be great!

I can only speak of the WR as I own one and I'm not a KTM kinda guy. I believe the WR comes street legal in your country. The only maintenance I end up doing is oil changes and filter cleanings. But the oil should be changed on a regular routine basis as it only holds a quart. I use fully synthetic oil and change it every three or four hundred miles.

Thanks what about valves I hear they don't need much adjustments on we but when they do they aren't as easy as Ktm to adjust... But the Ktm needs regular checks but is easier to make adjustments if/when needed...

Maybe so. Though the Yamaha's are the same shim and bucket design as they use on their street bikes.

The KTM is lighter and less agressive.

The Yamaha is cheaper, more agressive, and will last twice as long if not 4 times as long.


Neither bike is a good commuter, but the KTM is better (more civilized).


The Yamaha is far and away a more longer lasting and trouble free bike, but both are very good.

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