Riding in texas

Hey texas guys. I live in Minnesota and am driving south with the family to see my sister in Dallas. I'll have a riding day open 3/24 3/25 or 3/26. I am a sr B rider and can make fun with any kind of dirt! moto or a good trail ride would be cool. Just some directions or ideas would be great

but somebody to ride with would be better.

lunch,gas,etc its on me! a hare scramble would be great but I don't want to race any motos thats a long way bring a bike for all that waiting around.

Hope to ride w someone there.



If you found your way to Houston there are at least three GREAT tracks here - San Jacinto MX (Splendora), Three Palms in Conroe, and Highlands MX. Dallas is about 3 hours away. I've never ridden there. There's no reason to leave!

Muenster (red river riders) is the best place in texas. Located on the Texas Oklahoma border west of Gainsville. They are only open on weekends unless you call to get the code.

I would love to get a free meal and gas but I'm going to be out of town. Have Fun

Those are all good but if you want some more seriously fun, red dirt (tacky), and challenging but safe MX action, you have got to hit Cycleranch in Floresvill, close to San Antonio.

The track rocks....see some of it at http://www.cycleranchmx.com

I am riding next Sunday (the day after the Houston SX) at Splendora with Curtis (Kirtwell is his name on TTalk) He lives in Oklahoma but is coming down for the Houston SX and we are going to hook up and ride! Any other TX riders want to join us? The best tracks in the TX area are VP (Floresville), Swan MX, and Splendora...it would be worth the 3 hr drive from Dallas. Let me know if you are interested. Later,


Oh BTW here are directions to San Jacinto Cycle Park (Splendora):

From Houston, take US Hwy 59 North, Splendora Exit, Right on FM 2090 approx. 1.5 miles, Left on Tram Rd. approx. .25 miles, Right on May Rd. to end of road (it dead ends into the track).

If you're not looking to travel any further, there's 2 fairly close places to Dallas itself.

The first is near Lavonia park, near Lake Lavon. It's off Hwy 78 near Rockwall, TX. About 30 miles from Dallas proper. Open every day 9am - 5:30pm no entrance fee, it's run by the US Core of Engineers. Mostly trails, some flat track stuff, pretty loose rules and such (nobody around unless it's open/close time, otherwise just a free for all). Can be annoying having so many idiots roaming around unruly but during the week it's almost abandoned.

The other place is an MX track in Cash, near Greenville. I couldn't get you there if my life depended on it, but maybe someone else could help out. It's probably 60 miles from Dallas proper and it's a nice track. Full blown MX track, they race there and have open track on weekends (I forget the fee but it's small).

There's also Shiloh Ridge (search the web, they have a site) about 2 hrs from Dallas, near Tyler TX. Lots of every type of terrain you can think of including mud, sand, flat track, MX-style areas, and TONS of trails (tame stuff to steep hills your choice). Also pay to play, and only open weekends I think. Huge camp grounds and on-site concession stand, showers and bathrooms.

A little further, maybe 2 1/2 hours from Dallas proper, is Fun Wheeler Park. They are about 50 miles east of Tyler, TX. (Also have a web site) Also pay to play. I went there this weekend and didn't get to see much, it was too muddy. Looks like mostly geared towards 4 wheelers. You'd probably be better off going to one of the other places. Also has on-site concession stand, bathrooms and showers.

Hope that helps. :) I don't know yet where we'll be going this weekend but I think we're going up to Oklahoma somewhere.

Hi Guys thanks for all the great replys.

Hey Garret 3 hrs is chiken feed to go riding

I would love to meet up with ya.

I'll get approval from the war department this evening. gps #s would help if you can get em.

Mail me and we'll work out the details.




You're going to have a hard time finding a place to ride in the DFW area this weekend with the weather. It's been pouring rain for the past couple of days. Your best bet is to take a road trip down to Houston and catch the supercross, that's where I'm headed.

A good place to go close to Dallas is Shady Grove. It's about 10 minutes south of Texas Stadium, but's it's going to be flooded this weekend probably. The "track" is open from sunset to sunrise and has some OK jumps and open practice, usually Saturdays aren't to bad. Check out the following links for places to ride, have fun.



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If your coming to the Houston SX...you ought to go ride at Splendora on Sunday! It will be alot of fun, let me know if your interested! Later,


BTW it is supposed to rain tonight (Tues) and tomorrow morning (Wed) so it ought to be perfect on Sunday (3-24) I cant wait til the Houston SX

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I just got back from the new orleans supercross to watch our boy Tim Ferry crash while leading the main but he looked good and will be attending the houston supercross.

We should have a thumpertalk ride day at Splendora...I'm going to check with the CEO of the house and see if she wants to haul the trailer down there and ride sunday she rides also but not a 426 she's still like her kx100

2 smoke..

she says she loves the smell of two stroke oil and the sound of the 4 stroke. Maybe that is why my bike keeps fouling plugs she keeps adding oil to my gas....

I'v been tossing around the idea of racing tccra offroad. But not if its a mudfest.

Whats the turf like at jacksboro?

What about texas brass? I use a 158 main here.

Where ever I wind up riding there it'll be better than here. The dirt has been frozen since November.

Herbski, I'll be racing TCCRA Jacksboro Sunday PM.

I here it's a good track (aprox.8.25 mile loops)

This will be my 1st ride there. It should be a GAS! Come on out.

Herbski, I'm still running the 168 brass w/the BK mod "Thanks MotoMan 393" also minus the light blue wire and it runs great. Others are running a 162 main w/good results as well.

The turf as I remember from passing through on road trips was red dirt (Dusty) with lots of Mesquite trees. Possible rain Saturday,better double check the Weather forcast to avoid a mudfest.

Pazzo P & all you friendly Texans

The off road sounds like fun but I think I'm going to make the run for Splendora.

I'v only been on the bike once since november

and Im old and fat. Better sneak up on it.

Figure I'll leave Dallas at sun up or earlier.

'got a kitchen pass for all day sunday.

Motoman I'll call ya saturday a.m.ish fron Dallas

Thanx all Herbski


Thanks for the offer, but I need to be back in the Dallas area early afternoon. I'll take a rain-check though !! What's the Splendora track like ?

I race the over 35 in the TCCRA (tx cross country race assoc). The is a race March 24, Sunday. It about a 1 and a half hour drive from Grapevine. 20 min more from Dallas. My race is in the morning, first group out. I will get be leaving at 6:00 to get there to sign up at 7:30 and the race starts about 9. Should back by 1 or 2. The track is drying out nicely from the rains from a few days ago. The race will be between 35 to 50 miles on a new cut trail. You can pie plate it if your interested in going. You can even hook up with me Sunday morning at my house and I can drive. Call me if you interested. 817 442 1250


I will be at the Houston SX from 11am-12pm CST on Saturday...you can get ahold of me on my cell @ 281-414-2777. My target time to get to Splendora on Sunday is by 11am (they open @ 10am). We will be in a 01' White Ford F-150 Super Crew...depending on how many of my friends go, we might bring the trailer! What vehicle you gonna be in, so I will look for you? Give me a call if you get lost or something, even though the track is relatively easy to find!


Splendora's phone #- 281-399-3278

Directions- From Houston, take US Hwy 59 North, Splendora Exit, Right on FM 2090 approx. 1.5 miles, Left on Tram Rd. approx. .25 miles, Right on May Rd. to end of road.

If you goto http://www.mapquest.com and type in "Splendora" as the city name you can print out a map and it might make it easier.

Me and the buds will be at Splendora Sunday too...if you haven't been it's a great track. See you all there.

Dark green Dodge Quad cab, CRF450 #71...

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