Riding in texas


you ride with therapture right? Is he gonna be there? I will look for you! Later,


Maroon dodge van Mn. plates Duh!

I'll stick out!


watch out for the rapture...he keeps babys in jars ...

see crf forum for more info LOL! :)

have fun guys wish i could make it...

Mapquest says 4.5 hrs from dallas to Splendora.



4.5 hrs...maybe if you go 40mph the whole way. I can get to Dallas from my house in 4hrs, and I live 1hr and 15 mins South of Splendora (1hr a 15mins farther away from Dallas). So it will probably take you 3hrs or less to get to Splendora. Roost yall later :) ,


yeah mapquest & other mapping tools are usually correct on mileage but not so on time...

Muenster is the place in North Texas for trail riding.

If it's MX you desire.....try Village Creek, Mosier Valley, Weatherford MX, Oak Hill MX, or Badlands MX.....all are locally in the DFW area.

meunster rules!! i have only been 1 time but it was a blast... nothing like running the creek bottoms WFO!!!

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