Need of some advice, bike running weird. Honda CRF450 10'

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  Last fall my 2010 Honda CRF450 started backfiring on decel and my idle knob didn't do much at times.  Everyone said either a tune or valves were the issue.  Sent my ECU off got it tuned to the elevation and valves checked good as new.  Over the winter cleaned everything and replaced all the basics.  Went out today in hopes of something different but same issues.  Pulls very strong no issues but when I come to a stop it just wants to die at times and then other times rpms very high at idle after riding.  Once in a while my light code flashes 1 beep every 3 seconds it seems but not always.  What is my next step in fixing this.  Do I have to replace the entire throttle body?  Thanks in advance everyone this is very frustrating.

If you have not been replacing your fuel pump filter that's the issue.

If you wait too long, the pump will fail.

If you are not filtering and treating your gas, the injectors will not spray cleanly

Tons of info in the CRF forum and how to's on YouTube

Thanks, here is my next problem and not sure what is going on because I'm trying to change the filter now.  Hondas old part was 06160-MEN-A30 for the fuel filter.  It has now been replaced with the 06160-MEN-A31.  I picked one up this morning and when I went to put the new one on it's a different shape for one but when I try to start the bike nothing no fuel is getting to the throttle body.  Then when I pull the tank off gas just pours out of the bottom of the tank.  I then put the old A30 model back on it she fires right up and yes the old filter was a slight blackish color.  Anyone know why this new filter isn't working?

You can soak and clean the old filter

Honda knows how to take our money I guess.  I'll try that cleaning for short term but come to find out to use the new filters you have to buy an entire new pump that supports there new filters, BS if you ask me.  I guess in the past you had to buy an entire new unit and not just swap out the filter.  Need to sell that and buy a KTM

KTM uses the same system.....

New filter doesn't get here till Monday. Sorry for bothering you again, looked online and nothing really tells you how to clean the fuel filter. Do I just soak it in clean gas and massage it a bit to get crud out. Thanks a million.

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