Replacement Carb recommendations 75 cr125

Replacement Carburetor thoughts/recommendations 75 CR125. Current restoration on a 1975 CR125 that had been previously sleeved down to 100cc and sat in a moist shed for a few years. Bike starts and runs but bogs heavily on the bottom. Cleaned and rebuilt carb repeatedly and have been working with slow jet and needle with some success but not to the point of it being rideable. Basically feel that the carb is old and worn and wonder if anyone has replaced their unit with a currently available carb. I am thinking of trying a 26mm Mikuni with the current 100cc cylinder sleeving to see if it may clean up the bottom end. Thoughts….


My thoughts are that is a really cool bike!

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I'd use the same carb that comes on the KX100.  PWK28.  I use this carb on my daughters RM85 that has a 100 big bore kit from EG.  I'm using the NAPG needle with a 45 pilot, and a 138, or 140 main.

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