xr650l transmission

Hello fellow riders. I bought an 2000 xr650l over a years ago with 17000 ks. I built one of those wheel stands for it. I started it up on the stand, put it in gear and let the clutch out . It starts out smooth, then gets this clunking/ ratcheting through the drive system. Like a nasty back lash affect going on. Sprockets and chain are new. I saw another person on YouTube with the same issue. Is it because there's no resistance on the wheel when on the stand? If someone could please explain that would be great.

yes, it is a backlash type of issue. The tire has to be under a load to smooth out the power pulses thru the gears.

Thank for the reply Mike. I did drain some of the oil to have a look after seeing that happening, oil was clean. So my next step was to open up the transmission and have a look. With your confirmation I don't need to.

Thanks again.

put a little pressure on rear brake,see what happens!

That makes sense, I'll try that this weekend. If there's any erratic behavior at all, I'll pull the side on and have a look.


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