2007 Rm 125 side panels?

Hi guys just brought my son an immaculate 2007 RM 125, it's still go the original plastics and graphics on it so we are going to take these off and put aftermarket ones on to preserve the original.

Whilst we are at it we would like to retro fit later RMZ style side panels to it but would these fit?


No. They won't like up with the air box.

You can do the late model rmz front number plate & fender.very easily.

A little drinking on the triple clamp (by the front two fender bolts) & two holes on the front fender to match up with the originals.

The rmz front number plate bolts rite up.

If you do some searching you'll find there's some people who have cut the side plates down a bit to give it the Rmz shape. Only downside is if your going to run number plate graphics.

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