best enduro 125 for occasional MX?

Enduro bikes typically have softer suspension and a steeper fork angle than a MX bike, that I know.

Springs can be changed but not the head angle.

Mostly thinking of the TM, Husky, Gas Gas, but would consider any brand.

What is your opinion?

2006 and up yz125

hey man, I said which "enduro" bike, which excludes pure MX bikes like the YZ. An enduro bike has a headlight.

hey man, I said which "enduro" bike, which excludes pure MX bikes like the YZ. An enduro bike has a headlight.

Here in the United States there aren't any 125 enduro bikes (that I know of) so you'd need someone from your country to answer. We only have 125 mx bikes (at least the most recent models)

There is such an option available in the USA & Canada: the Husqvarna TE125




(IIRC, TT forum member clappedoutkx has purchased one recently).


Reviews have mentioned it has just about the broadest powerband of any 125 ever made, plus a very healthy 38hp.

That's 4hp more than a stock YZ125, not bad for a 'tamer' enduro engine.

(considering the YZ125's engine design is also 10+ years older as well)


Suspension settings perhaps a tad soft for serious MX racing but otherwise would likely do just fine for occasional recreational MX'ing.




KTM's Ecuador website shows a KTM125EXC and 125 EXC Six Days available in the south americas,

likely mechanicaly very similar to the Husqvarna TE125 but with a PDS suspension versus a linkage.

I'd say the TE's linkage suspension would be preferable for occasional MX'ing rather than the PDS.

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You all in the late great USA don't have any TM's or Gas Gas? (I'm sure there are a few there)


TM, Gas Gas, Sherco, Beta, Husqy/KTM are sold in Canada & the USA,


but not all of their 'worldwide' models are offered,

small bore 2-stroke enduro bikes aren't very popular as are 250/300 2T's in this region and probably not worth introducing to the marketing I guess.


Unfortunately the KTM150XC was also taken off the north american market a few years ago.

The TE125 and KTM200XC-W are about the only small 2-stroke enduro bikes on the market here.

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I would take a clean YZ125 anyday. Adding a headlight and tail light is easy...

I'd consider a 200cc.  I see a few Gas Gas available thru

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