XT 550 no spark

Hey guys,


I lost spark on my XT550 and after testing the ignition system this is what I found:

stator coil-200 ohms

pulser coil-open

primary ignition coil- .6 ohms

secondary ignition coil- 6k ohms


So to me it looks like my pulser coil is no good and I need a new one. I know they stator going out is a common problem on the 550 so does anyone have any solutions? I am having a hard time even finding a used stator to replace it with so any help would be appreciated. 


Have you found a solution yet ? I'm not sure where to even get one other than fleebay used and some chances. Somewhere someone posted a KLR650 stator works but haven't compared the 2 side x side or which models it was for. .

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Thanks for the links food. I haven't been able to find any used stators in the states and I do not know if I want to buy a used one internationally because I have no guarantee that its a working stator. The only real option I have found so far is a new stator but it is 500 bucks. It also looks like the 84 XT600 stator is the same as the stator for the XT 550, but I have not been able to find a used 84 XT600 stator in the states either. 

Your problem is not the stator, it is the pickup coil. There are currently no aftermarket options for pickup coils, but I am currently developing a new pickup coil for these bikes. If you look at this topic here, you can follow my progress. I am pretty sure I can get this bike running within the next month (if time allows with my busy schedule). 



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