Am i getting screwed?

So I found a nice 2007 kx450 with 2016 air forks, msr skid plate, Fmf power core 4.1 complete system and 4 hrs on a new engine. It's a real bike with a clean title and I'm getting it from a dealer. It's in great shape. It's going for 2500 completely ready. Good deal or rip off?

In my area that sounds like a decent deal

At least the seller was creative, 4 hours rather than 10. ;)


Point is, take that 4 hour number with not only a grain of salt, but a salt lick block.

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Why would someone put air forks on a dinosaur? I'd be skeptical of that. 

Why would someone put air forks on a dinosaur? I'd be skeptical of that.

I would guess. ... They put the spring forks off the old bike onto the their new new bike ..... I'm thinking of doing that with my 11 and 16

That's exactly my guess.  The original owner probably bought a 16 and hates air forks so he swapped them with a pair of spring forks off his 07.  That wouldn't scare me away other than the fact that you might not like them.


IMO, I wouldn't say you're getting ripped off but I would say that if you don't absolutely love the bike, you can probably grab a little bit newer bike with FI for 500-700 more.  

Yea the dude got a 2016 and hated the forks so he swapped them. It runs strong and has an hour meter on it reading 4.3 hrs. The dealer rebuilt the engine and has the bike on file. It also has desert tank and full hand guards.

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