yz125 or yz250f help.

I know there are a ton of topics out there for this ive spent the last month researching but I just cant make up my mind so I thought I would start my own thread with my riding information and see what you guys think.  Been riding fourwheelers my whole life, recently had a 09 250f and loved it very fun bike.  I traded it for a motorcycle and im looking now to buy another dirtbike.  I am comfortable on a dirt bike, im no professional but I can ride.  I am 6 foot 170 pounds (don't know if that matters).  As for where I ride I have a small track in my woods with jumps and what not I also have a moto track 35 min from my house where I plan to ride.  I found a 2008 yz125 for 2500 dollars and I also found a 2014 250f showroom floor never used for 5500.  I dont really want to spend 5500 but its hard turning down a brand new bike because im afraid of buying a used 4t bike.  The track in my woods when I rode my 250f I would barely hit 2nd gear.  I rode my rm 85 back there and didn't really struggle keeping rpms up.  I would like to race this year and im afraid my lack of riding experience will put me at a disadvantage against the 250fs at the track, and also im afraid ill have hard time keeps rpms up on my track in the woods.  So im really torn right now.  Im not a 2t or 4t fanboy im a fan of both but im just unsure as to which bike ill be happier with for my needs.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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125 Bc they r cheaper to rebuild and it's a lot cheaper since u said u don't want to spend 5500

Thing is i don't know how to rejet a carb or do a top end but I know I could figure it out. 250f I buy keep oil fresh every 2 hours air filter check valves etc I'm fine. I'm also concerned that I won't keep up with 250fs on a 125. I can spend 5500 if it's what I need but I would rather not?

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125 all the way cheaper to maintain if you can hual ass on a 125 you're a fast rider if you can hual ass on a 250f you have balls and no skill

Stay with the smoker.

8 year old bike for $2500 that probably needs tires, clutch, top end, fork seals, linkage bearings etc versus a brand new bike for $5500? No brainier there. Buy the new bike if it's in your budget.

I actually love two strokes but if you are just starting out you'll have an easier time and be more competitive on the 4 stroke. I think a 125 two stroke is the hardest bike to ride really well. When you can ride it really well, it's very fast. But when you can't ride it well, it's not forgiving when you are making mistakes.

Go with the 250f. Awesome bike. I own a 2015 version

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