future purchase

hello all i currently have a dt125 and im looking to do my test soon and buy a drz 400 s,ill be using it as a daily commuter and occasional off road riding and the drz seems to suit me more.


im really looking for mods i could do so once ive got one i can crack straight on with the mods.


i would also like your opinions on the bikes and what i should check for common problems etc thanks.

Check the faq section at the top for all the answers to majority of your questions

I went from a Yamaha DT 125 (170) to a DRZ 400 and the DRZ is so much nicer to ride! Also the engines are solid if maintained and all fixes done!

Loads of mods can be done as well.


i went from a Klx250 to the DRZ400sm


loads more power, heavier, did I mention the power?


A lot of aftermarket support for the DRZ, considering its been basically the same bike for billions of years.


get one

I love my DT125.20150705_172418.jpg

thanks guys im sure ill enjoy it :)

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