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XR600R Electrical System Questions

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My 88 xr600r wouldn't start so I took it to a local mechanic who recommended the following:

Stator assembly resistance was below spec. - Replace

Ignition coil resistance was above spec. - Replace with new cap 

Voltage regulator/rectifier had no resistance - Replace (part discontinued so I found a used one on line)


The bike is converted to street legal with brake light, blinkers and horn (no battery), so I bought a Caltric high output stator from ebay. The problem is that my existing stator has two wires and the new stator has five wires.



Can I use the Caltric Stator with my existing wiring harness or do I need to rewire everything?

Does anyone know where to find a new high output two wire like the original or where I can get my stator rewound with two wire?

Should I upgrade the Voltage regulator?


Caltric Stator


Caltric Wiring Diagram

Caltric Diagram.jpg

Original Wiring harness

Original Wiring Diagram.jpg

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Your stator looks like a XL version, which will work fine.  You can run it like an XR type with the two wires hooked up, ignition and a/c lights.  Blk/red to ignition, one white one to existing lights.  The other white one is for additional lighting if you want, or just higher wattage, or just don't use them at all if you wish.

Same goes for the other wires that are shown hooked to a rgulator rectifier, which you could use if you want a battery and D/C on the bike.  Or not.

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