2014 RMZ250 ran out of oil... Need help!

A couple weeks ago I was replacing the oil filter on my RMZ250. I didn't see that the O ring on the oil filter cover was ripped and put it back on oblivious to my mistake. Later when I was riding I heard the engine making a high pitch whining noise after a particularly high rpm session (holeshot). I stopped riding and looked over the bike, and upon seeing nothing wrong continued riding about 15 minutes later the bike made the noise again and died. Panicking I looked closer and saw all my oil had leaked out of the ruined O ring on the filter cover.

I understand that I will need to do some serious work on the engine but what is needed? What new parts will I need? What do I need to check?

Any help will be appreciated


If you are lucky you will only need a new head and a set of rings.

Remove the cams. The journals are usually the first to go. If they look bad, you'll need the head reconditioned or replaced.

Do a leak down test. If that shows bad values, a piston and barrel are needed. At that point, you can safely figure the crank and engine bearings are bad too.

I hate to say it William, but what is a leak down test?

Google is your friend.


A leak down test is down using a special tool with gauges and connectors. You screw a connector into your spark plug hole.  Block the engine at TDC on the beginning of the ignition/power stroke and apply air pressure to the engine., You close valves and check a gauge for the pressure dropping -'leaking down'. You can do the same test at half way down on the power stroke and at the bottom of the power stroke (assuming the exhaust valves are not yet opening). This all will tell you the condition of the rings and barrel. Adding a teaspoon of 40Wt. oil will then check/confirm the leakage is not from the valves (the oil 'seals' the rings temporarily so any leakage is probably valves though with the carb and exhaust removed, you can often simply hear leakage from the valves.


In the future, if you hear an odd noise, never continue. Find out why it made the noise. A small problem can be prevented from being a big one. Good luck wit you investigations.

Thanks I will definitely look into it and be more careful in the future

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