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89 KX80 Wiring Question

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I bought an 89 KX80 to fix up a couple of months ago and it seems as though I have had a problem every step of the way. I finally replaced everything that I thought needed to be replaced and went to start the bike and got no spark. I've tested the Stator and Igntion coil, both of which are working according the manuals requirement for resistance. This leads me to believe one of two things....either the CDI box is bad (or different then the original) or the bike is wired wrong. I think the person before me just threw shit together and because of this I am lead to believe that the CDI box may not be the original one as there is an extra wire on the box that I do not see on the wiring diagaram. The extra wire I'm referring is a Black/White wire. Can anyone please help?? I've been at this problem for hours on end this weekend and if I don't figure it out, I'm going to seel the bike for $500 even though I've spent a $1,000 in replacements/repairs so far. 

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