91 KTM 580 how many different models

:usa:I have a KTM 580 but do not know what to call it.It has a headlight and tail light.

I need parts. :)

Good luck my friend. I have an '89 600 LC4 and the only place that sells parts for it is the KTM dealer. I've looked all over for parts. Luckily, my local KTM dealer (3 Bro's KTM of Temecula) has got to be the best bunch of guys to ever run a KTM shop. I ran that bike in there the other day because the beast doesn't want to start and they rebuilt the carb, put in a new plug, adjusted the valves gave my father and I both a couple T-shirts and some stickers and did quality TIMELY work. As if that wasn't enough, when I tried to kick it over in the parking lot I broke the bolt that holds the kick lever on and they fixed that for free, gave my father $50.00 off a helmet and 10% off for as long as we shop there. THESE GUYS ARE OUTSTANDING. If you need parts and are like me and usually try to shop the internet for the best price, they are competitive there too. 3bros.com :)

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