2016 RR430 vs RR480 opinions

Looking to add to the Beta collection, the wife rides a 2015 Xtrainer and I just sold my CRF250L that got me introduce to this wonderful sport.


Before being introduced to Beta's it was my plan to replace the LRP with a KTM 500 EXC-F, but now I have a bit more choice of CCs. If there was not already at 2t in the house, I would get a RR300 not questions asked.


Coming from a low powered bike and the wonderful low end torque of the Xtrainer, I want something I can lug around.


I understand the 430 and 480 are not the best single track bikes, I do have access to the Xtrainer for the gnarly stuff, and in any case it cannot be worst then when I took the 250L where it should not have gone.


Anyone spent some seat time on the 2016 430 and 480? FI is a must for me.



All the Beta's have the same frame and handling

All Beta's are excellent single track bikes

No European 4 stroke is going to have huge low rpm torque. That is reserved for the Japanese off road and MX bikes.

KTM did at one time, but those days are gone.


If you want light weight and really good handling, the BETA is the only choice.


430: faster reving motor, bigger hit. Still incredibly smooth power delivery, but not sleepy like the KTMs.

480: slower reving motor, no hit, power starts 1000 rpm's earlier

Since you already have a XT, go for the other end of the spectrum with the 500 RS. It's the same as the 480 RR with more options and a better warranty. 


I haven't ridden the '16, but own a '15 500 RS and it is by far the most versatile and best bike I have ever owned or ridden. There are many of my hare scrambling and trail riding friends who would agree that the 500 is an outstanding single track bike. Where it excels is when you drop into a gully or ravine and the exit back up has no run, just an immediate uphill run. Where other bikes either give up, abuse the clutch to make it or get stuck 1/2 way up, the 500 (480) just walks right up from a standing start. The fact that it can holeshot MX races and and take you on canyon cruises or cross country only adds to it's charm. 

The RS line is not offered in Canada but this is making the case for the 480.

Was over in Italy testing the 16 models last week. 


430 race was my favorite but come down to it the 390 is possibly a better race bike. The 480 does feel heavier but its got some much torque. I have never ridden a FI bike that hooks up so good,I find FI normally breaks traction down low but the Beta's just keep pulling. 

Ive put plenty of miles on my MY15 RR480, 95% of it in ST, I went from a 48T rear to a 51T and it is really easy to ride slow or fast, you only need to move your wrist a little bit to make forward motion, Id say I rarely give it more than 1/4 throttle in ST/hillclimbs and then if you want powerslides/5th gear monos/cruise down the freeway at 120 you just turn the throttle a little bit more :-)


For comparisons, I also have an XT and an RR300 (sorry, Im a dealer and need to have the popular bikes as demonstrators...)   :ride:


My next demo bike that I put on will most definitley be an RR390, to me this engine is so sweet, it has the longest stroke of all the BETA 4Ts and doesn't need a fistfull of revs to make good progress, great for popping the front wheel up at short notice for logs, mud puddles or just because....

It definitely feels lighter to ride than the 430/480 pair

As one of my customers says "RR390 - pulls like a 450, revs like a 350"

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The 390 would be the logical next step and if I was looking at a 4t alternative to the 300. Since I do have access to the XT, I feel I am better off getting something at the other end of the spectrum.


No need to apologize, I already told the missus if we win the lottery, I am putting a deposit on RR300 and RR480! 

Looks like availability gets me into a 2016 430 right now or a 2017 480 is late August.


Any opinions 390 vs 430?

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