New WR450 owner saying Hello!

Well I sold my 2001 ZX11 this weekend and went out and bought a new 04 WR450. There are just too many cars and stupid drivers in SoCal plus I've been itching to get back on the dirt. I used to have a 92 CR500 so I'm really interested to see how this new bike compares.

If your going to compare it to your old CR500, do yourself a favor, and complete the "free mods" first and re-jet.

Or I'm afraid you will be disappointed in the power delivery.

With those done, you will love this machine!

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

DD :)

Welcome. I agree do all the "free mods" before you even ride your bike. Then you are going to love it. Don't forget to buy some radiator braces for your bike. They bend real easy. :)

CONGRATS and welcome to the thumper world. Also I third that on the free mods use the search engine and you will find all kinds of info for free mods. You can check most tt'ers signature for jetting set-ups. Once again welcome and you came to the right place for info. If you need anything shop TT the price is outstanding!!!! :):D

Congrats on a great purchase. I bought mine in november and it has been great! :)

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