Getting ready for the season

Hi everyone. Quick question, gave my crf150f a tune out and went to start it to only find the battery really low. I knows these batteries are small so what's a safe amp setting to use? My charger only does 10 amps at the lowest would That be okay? Thank

A maintenance charger is best, 1 - 1.5 amp

Just leave it connected 24-7 when your not riding. Wall Mart sells them.

OK to hit it with the 10 amp for a while. Overcharging is always a risk. Divide the toal amperage of the battery by the 10 amps for the charger and this will give yo the charge time in hours.

At 10 amps it will charge fast. Almost to fast and cause it to heat up.

Best to  a maintenance charger as said before and leave it on overnight. and then for a few hours every couple of weeks. 

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