Lost Lake Trails


So what are your thoughts on Lost Lake Trails for dirt bikes? It's about an hour from me. I live in Bethlehem. Is it good for dirt bikes or to much rock? Is their any good single track or is it all double wide tracks for 4 wheeler? any other thoughts. I'm new to the area and was thinking about checking it out.



Is Lost Lake Trails the same as Lost Trails up in Dunmore, PA? I've been there before, I did a tour on side by sides with my son and wife. I haven't ridden my dirtbike up there and imagine the tour we did would be similar if not the same trails....and it was too rocky for my taste. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Northeast PA is rocky.

 Unfortunately, I think a lot of Northeast PA is rocky.


There is a few bits of some trails that I've ridden that have dirt, but 99% of what I've ridden in Northeast PA is rocky.

The good news is that once you get used to it, you look like a superstar riding where there is actual dirt on the trails

I'd never pay for "the lost trails" I ride those trails before they bought them. I know where there are trails near by there that they have not bought yet, I even know how to get to "their trails" from where I'm talking about

I went there couple months ago yes it's rocky and there will be more four wheelers than dirtbikes and no single track but it's well marked basically red/black color coded trails are rock gardens but I rode them. Blue/green isn't rocky and you can get into third gear. If I was 1 hr away and I were u id go

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