Kxf250 2013 won't idle?

Hi there, I've recently bought a Kxf250 2013 model, this is my first efi bike and I've not much experience with them.

The bike starts first kick every time hot or cold but won't idle at all

I've tried using the fast idle but doesn't make a difference to the idling

I've tried adjusting the idle sped by turning the fast idle clock wise and anti clock wise but no matter what position it's in it doesn't affect the idle, the bike just stalls unless throttle is applied

The bike rides fine and loads of power but as soon as you slow down with clutch in it just stall yet again

I've got a owners manual and there is nothing about not idling

Any suggestions on what to check or replace? Thanks

It may be your valves . I bought a 13 also from an ex pro and then my bike wouldn't idle then it wouldn't start. My whole top end was shot and have half the compression it should have. I'd take it to a mechanic or take apart your top end and check all the parts and the measurements

The bike start fine first kick every time so that's why I'm drawn to it been something else like a air leak or faulty sensor or the idler injector

Stripped it down and found the tps sensor and maf sensors were all corroded in the plug, cleaned them up and now idles good

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