Electrical help please


Hey guys my buddy has a chance to get a attic cat bear cat 454 4x4 quad and has asked a question I can't answer.the po said he hooked up jumper cables to it to get it to start once started he didn't remove them and thinks something electrical burn up.we can't find any melted wires.should density away from it or what would burn up if that was the case.the power is a friend of Ours to so he didn't lie about it.

I looked at it there's power to the ignition but no lights come on and it won't turn over any help would be appreciated.

How much power are you getting? Try boosting it again and see if it turns over. Nothing should have burned up unless he put more than 14 volts to it.

12v and it will turn over if I jump the solenoid.

Trace the harness and look for any broken wires or anything.

What year is the quad?

96 96 98 can't tell they only made it three years

Try replacing the solenoid or cleaning the connections on the one already there especially the one going the starter and the ground

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