2001 XR 250 starting trouble

Hi everyone. I am only able to ride my 2001 XR 250 a couple of days a month because I keep it up at my farm and that's the only time i can get up there right now. When storing it, I always turn off the gas and let it run until it dies. Then I drain the bowl. I also always use gas treatment. This has worked for me for a long time and it would usually start up on second or third kick. The last two times of have gone up to ride it, the following happens...it will still start right up, with choke, then I run with choke on for 30 seconds or so and a little bit of throttle to get warmed up. At this point it will usually idle with no choke, but shortly after, it just abruptly loses power and dies out. Then I can't start it again. I have let it sit for a couple of hours, overnight, etc, but it won't start. If I give up and come back in a few weeks it will start right up, but does the same dying out thing. I am assuming it could be a clogged jet. Any other opinions out there?

Sounds like u need to clean the carb. Clean the jets and take carb cleaner and blow all threw the carb. Check and make sure the petcock isn't clogged. Also if u have been storing it for long periods wouldn't hurt to check the air filter.

Couple of weeks you're probably okay, pass that I would only put as much fuel as you think you're are going to use.  It's fine to drain the carb bowl, I personally would not let it run until it dies, I think more importantly is how long is the gas sitting in your gas tank, that's the main area for picking up condensation and our wonderful ethanol gas is only really good at best for a month.

Check the carb vent lines & gas cap vent.

I've had this problem before on a different bike & the problem was mud wasps.

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